The Day After April Fool’s Day

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Right now we are in the throes of shooting content for the new season of The Edge With Jake, a new late night talk show featuring Jake Sasseville, the youngest host in late night tv. The Edge With Jake is scheduled to air over spring and summer on tv networks across the US.

Last night Jake’s production team, known by exec insiders as ‘Team Awesome’ for their ability to pull off the near impossible, filmed a series of sponsored content segments for Edge With Jake at the world famous Starland Ballroom. Bands playing: Coin Under Tongue, Me Talk Pretty, Socratic, Houston Calls and The Sleeping.

The whole glorious event was sponsored by Denny’s.

The bands were in excellent form. Despite their bad boy/ girl rock and roll on camera personae, behind the scenes they were the sweetest crowd you would ever want to introduce to Grandma! We’ve awarded Julie, lead singer from Me Talk Pretty, the Miss Congeniality Award for her bubbly effervescence and sausage curls – all backed by a stage costume that was interplanetary!

Big thanks to Adam Wieser, Sean Coronato and the entire Starland Ballroom staff, veterans and professionals who made it all look too easy.

On the production side, Edge with Jake shout-outs all round, with the Blue Ribbon Award going to brand spanking new producer, Shannon Leigh – you go, girl!

Jake was all high energy and hi jinks on camera, with his mile high coiffure lasting the distance way into the wee hours at a local Denny’s restaurant for the After Party.

(Secret note to Denny’s Norma Jean: You made everyone feel loved and wanted and we noticed.)

Finally, a big thankyou must go to Denny’s client Michael Polydoroff and the Filter team lead by Alan Miller, who all flew in to be present.

Onward to the next mission.

Jake with Clients/ PR shot

Jake with Clients/ PR shot


Welcome to Life Behind the Scenes in Jake’s World

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April 1: The perfect date to begin a behind the scenes blog about the youngest host in late night TV.  

Jake Sasseville is a 20-something media megastar in the making.  Already a television veteran with 10 years media experience under his belt, Jake is now blasting into the stratosphere with a new series of late night shows called The Edge with Jake Sasseville, scheduled to air on networks across the country.  

Jake is smart, funny and has big hair.  Watch him fly.